THE Mission

Unlimited possibilities.


The mission of CATCH Prep Charter High School is to provide opportunities for young people in academics, the arts, and technology so that a world of unlimited possibilities await them upon graduating from high school and attending college or starting a career.

We serve the urban youth of Los Angeles who come to CATCH with the same dreams and goals as any student in America.  Our mission is to turn these dreams into reality and function as an extension of the family unit – loving, caring, and supporting every aspect of a growing child.

CATCH is also committed to leveraging the value of our community through inclusive partnerships and neighborhood-based initiatives that provide students the kinds of cultural experiences only possible in Leimert Park.  This approach builds lasting relationships between students, teachers, mentors, and artists that last lifetimes and sometimes has the power to influence future leaders and learners that will shape and change the world in which we live.

This is CATCH.  Where anything is possible, and EVERYbody can become ANYbody.


Pat Smith
Founder & Executive Director

"Miss Pat" as she stands with a group of CATCH students on the the first day the school moved to Leimert Park in 2008.