Our Core Curriculum Is 100% University Ready

Academics at CATCH can be summed up in a few words, “College Preparatory." Our faculty and staff understand that at the heart of an excellent school is a high quality academic program in which adults and students are committed to doing whatever it takes to learn and master the skills necessary to succeed in college and beyond.  That's why our classes are small (15:1), and our graduation requirements are an exact match for UC and Cal State eligibility upon completing 12th grade.

At C.A.T.C.H., genuine, caring, and supportive educators utilize research-based strategies to effectively engage students in a small learning environment. Believing that all stakeholders should be involved in the educational process.  Here's how it works:

Common Core Curriculum
We believe that every child must learn foundational academic before they are able to fully enjoy the mysteries and beauties of the world. Our experienced faculty brings years of theory, practice and enthusiasm for education while teaching a curriculum full of standards and expectations that are rigorous and aligned with he University of California’s “A-G coursework” requirement

Learning Environments That Are Safe Ensure That All CATCH Students Thrive

The physical, emotional, and psychological safety of our students has long been a top priority at CATCH.  We believe that safety is the foundation of the teaching and learning process, and our dedicated team of security professionals work to keep our campus 100% focused on student achievement at al times.

Extended Day Program
The afternoon and early evening are the most important time of day for children in our community.  CATCH's extended day program provides a safe space for students after the traditional school day ends, and is open daily until 5:00p.m.  The extended day also accommodates our families’ work schedules by providing parents with the reassurance that their children are safe.   Students interested in the performing arts and technology, or a group of friends just looking for some space to receive tutoring, all benefit from CATCH's after school offerings and the fact that school is open long after the last bell rings.

To Change A Child's Life 

The narratives that emanate from CATCH inspire generations of families to enroll their children at our college preparatory high school in search of the same successes our alumni have been experiencing since CATCH opened its doors more than fifteen years ago.  Take Aaliyah (featured in this photo to the left), her dreams of college were put on hold after a 9th grade year spent at a comprehensive high school that just wasn't a good fit for her creative mind and interests.  More than just a GPA that needed some work, Aaliyah was in search of a school culture and peer experience that connected her to the subjects she was interested in and could truly propel her into a top tier university if she put in the time and effort.  As it turns out, Aaliyah received a full scholarship to UC Berkeley and is majoring in Creative Writing as well serving her community as a member of the prestigious Alpha Kappa Alpha  Sorority.  This is the CATCH Promise personified.  Real dream, and real results.