Device access for CATCH students puts technology right where it belongs.


We're proud of our 1:1 device access for students at CATCH as it has been transformational as to how teachers teach and students learn each and every day.  A digital device in the hands of all students engages them in highly interactive, transformational learning as students need to be producers and evaluators of knowledge in the 21st century, not just consumers.  In this digital age, analyzing information is a critical skill.  That's why, in CATCH's 1:1 initiative, students regularly have the opportunity to locate, evaluate, and interpret information, as well as collaborate with others to engage in authentic, real-world tasks.

In preparing students to succeed in the future workforce, schools must ensure that students are digitally literate inventive thinkers, successful problem-solvers, creative decision makers, and clear and effective collaborators. Devices enable this in ways students can build skill and expertise upon. 

CATCH's 1:1 device initiative is specifically designed to create instructional opportunities that are individualized, differentiated, and personalized. Individualized instruction is paced to the learning needs of different learners.  The learning goals remain the same for everyone, but each student can progress through the material at their own pace and according to their individual learning needs.  Differentiation refers to research-based instruction that is tailored to the learning preferences and needs of learners.  The method or approach of instruction can vary based on what is most appropriate for a single student or group of students.  Personalized instruction incorporates both individualized and differentiated instruction, as well as a device that  can provide a tailored, student-centered instructional experience. Used alongside a rigorous curriculum with essential standards as the focus,CATCH's 1:1 device initiative simply makes learning more engaging and effective for everyone.


Percentage of Students On Devices Daily @ CATCH