The Arts @ CATCH

The Expression Of The Creative Mind.


Making something from experience and imagination alone isn't as hard as it may seem.  All people are capable of creativity, and at CATCH we instill the confidence and preparation necessary for students to make art at the highest levels - even in high school.


Just look at what our students can do.

We offer after-school Art Conservatories taught by industry experts.


A well-rounded education in high school is completed when students have choices on how to excel at their interests in a way that prepares them for future success.  At CATCH, we offer conservatories that feature high-engagement endeavors in the arts and technology for students to receive expert apprenticeship and practice in multiple times a week after school.

These conservatories are taught by industry experts who are current professionals in their craft and can offer students real-life skills that are current and meaningful.  Moreover, because our conservatory directors are working in the crafts in which they instruct, it is common for internships and paid employment opportunities to become available for CATCH students multiple times throughout any particular school year.

Fashion Design, started in 2003, is the longest running conservatory and features everything from conceptualizing a brand to physically sewing original clothes.  Digital Media is one of the fastest growing industries in America, and CATCH is proud to be on the forefront of offering students graphic design and video opportunities typically not afforded to high schoolers as after-school learning options.  The CATCH Step Team has been competing in Boost Mobile's National STEP Competition since 2009 and has been featured across the country as one of the premiere high school STEP groups in the country.  And lastly, our Coding & Robotics program competes regionally and nationally and is a great way to merge science and technology interests with collaboration and teamwork skills requisite for building high-quality robots that represent the very best of CATCH.


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