CATCH The Magazine

Our yearly magazine has become a national phenomenon.  Click around to see what our students create.



As the CATCH Magazine began, students wanted it to be an authentic representation of their artistic selves.  The cover was intended to be everything – distinct and honest.

Art & Perspective

Not only do the arts belong in school, they thrive there.  Our yearly magazine quickly became the main vehicle by which many of our students explained their world.


a league of its own

By 2012, the CATCH Magazine was truly unparalleled throughout the country.  This print version sold out.

Making a statement

Students sometimes use the platform of the magazine to make a statement about the world in which they live.

Through their eyes

The world, according to our youth, is often much different than how the rest of us see things.

A Timeless Classic

The magazines at CATCH moved from getting local to national attention around 2010.  The issues got bigger and filled up close to 100 pages of content.